Albioneers Dungeoneer

Blight Upon The Land

The party, not yet a party, starts out in the inn of the port town of Mercer, on the east side of the continent. It's about mid-day when the guildmaster of the local loggers' guild (The Golden Axe) enters the tavern, looking weary. She is a Dwarven woman, pale skin, with dark close cropped hair, looking to be in her forties or fifties.

When she sits down at the bar and she starts talking to the woman running the inn, the party takes note, though they are not subtle about it. First Cricket walks up, sitting down nearby, not making an effort to hide his interest. Nissa too, completely without subtlety, stands nearby, obviously listening in. Nala too joins, and finally, with the arrival of the Dragonborn, the guildmaster looks up, heaves a big sigh, and calls out the completely unsubtle approach.

She explains what is going on, because they look like people who are capable of handling themselves and, perhaps, others' problems. Makezl, sitting nearby, is also interested, and there is a short confrontation between him and Cricket, because the guildmaster won't pay more than 30 gold, no matter how many of them are part of this job.

Lastly the guildmaster spots Ylia, standing out as a Tiefling, and she too becomes part of this job.

The party heads to the logging camp and hopelessly fails at noticing the river has been poisoned, and Nala, being impulsive, becomes poisoned, feeling quite awful. The camp is carefully investigated, and Nala, again, puts things in her mouth. This time it's the seeds used to replenish the trees that are cut down. They taste like dry oats.

They head into the forest, and after an ambush by twig blights which are made quick work of, they find their path to the Barrows with ease. The night is spent in front of the Barrows, and everybody awakens well rested and ready to delve deeper into the Barrows, looking for the lost loggers.

Inside the Barrows they are beset several times by twig blights, needle blights, and one vine blight, and in the confrontation with the vine blight Ylia falls unconscious. However, she survives the battle thanks to a well times healing spell by Nissa.

Finally they come across the Erysivi Tree, which attempts to trick the party into coming closer, which Nala, Nissa, and Cricket fall for. Nala is the only of the three not grappled, and Ylia and Makezl are, rightly, wary and stay far away from the tree, escaping it's roots.

The fight is a hard one, with two people falling unconscious during it (Nissa and Cricket), though they are resuscitated by the party by way of potion. Makezl attempts to trick the tree with Dancing Lights, but it is too clever for that.

Finally Nala gets the killing blow on the tree, by jumping up in a flip, and slamming her axe into the tree, riding it down the tree's trunk, finally killing it.

The shrine is cleansed with help of Nissa's Druidic knowledge, and the party returns to Mercer to tell the guildmaster of their adventure. 

She is pleased to know that the problem has been dealt with, and pays the party. Finally, Makezl attempts to pickpocket the guildmaster using Mage Hand, but again, he is not a subtle man, and she catches him. Luckily for the party, she does not act, but does warn Makezl against stupidity.



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